JRE #586 - Kill Tony Cast - Tony Hinchcliffe, Sara Weinshenk & Kimberly Congdon

9 years ago

Tony Hinchcliffe

25 appearances

Tony Hinchcliffe is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and host of the podcast and live YouTube show "Kill Tony."


Kimberly Congdon

1 appearance

Kill Tony is a podcast on the Deathsquad.tv network. A show created by Tony Hinchcliffe and Redban, where young comedians do 1-minute of stand up to be judged by weekly guests. Every episode also features two regulars doing a brand new minute each week, Kimberly Congdon and Sara Weinshenk.


Sara Weinshenk

2 appearances

Sara Weinshenk is a stand-up comic and a host of the "This Bitch" podcast.


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